Puppy Application

Thank you for taking the time to fill out this, dare I say, lengthy application! At first
glance, you might think, “sheesh, this is a little long- are all these questions really
necessary?” I know because I thought the same thing as I was creating it. I wouldn’t sleep
at night if I didn’t do my due diligence finding the right homes for my puppies.

This application is to get to know potential families better to ensure that my puppies are
being placed in the best homes possible. I want to make every effort to get to know my
potential puppy families well before puppies are ready to go home. By being thorough I can
find the best fit for each individual puppy. My goal is to find them the absolute best
homes, not just any home. I want my puppies in forever homes where they are loved, well
cared for, and will thrive!

Completing this application is a step in the process to acquiring a puppy from
SugarBellsMaltese but it does not guarantee you will get a puppy from this or any future
litter. While it’s unlikely, the breeder reserves the right to refuse any placement at any
time for any or no reason. If this application is approved I will notify you via email and set up a time to chat over the
phone . 

Puppies will go to their new homes at 10 weeks. I cannot hold puppies for extended periods.
It is critical for their social development that the litter departs within a reasonable time
frame. Puppies must be picked up within 3 days unless other written arrangements are
made. I have a contract and will not place a puppy without a signed contract. We must
memorialize our obligations to one another on paper so there are no questions later. For
that reason it’s a bit lengthy. If you have questions about specific terms you need to
contact me prior to picking up or shipping your puppy.

If you do not hear from me withing 24 hours of submitting this application, please give me a call at 505-569-4885.