Sugar Daddy / Mamas

Sugar Daddy Leo

My Sugar Daddy Leo is all personality! He came into my life ready for anything. He has long, silky white hair, big brown eyes, and perfect teeth. He is fun, fun, fun to play with. He’s always up for “fetch”. Any time I go outside he’s ready. He is faster than a speeding bullet! He brings the ball right back to me,  no matter where I am to keep the game going. He’s all lovey-dovey once he relaxes. He’s my perfect Sugar Daddy. Leo has passed his OFA exams as well as tested for 240 genetic issues!
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Sugar Mama Mina

Mina is a very affectionate girl with the softest, silkiest hair that grows and grows. She has big expressive eyes, and a shy but sneaky personality. She finds a way in or out of everywhere. I should have named her Houdina. She looks innocent but I believe she is the ring leader of all the trouble that happens when I have my back turned. Mina has passed her OFA exams and been tested for 240 genetic issues!
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Sugar Mama Daisy

My sugar mama Daisy is pure white, with long silky straight hair. Moving so delicately, and silently. She is friendly and likes to play hide and seek. She runs away and then looks back to see if you are following her. If you don’t, she barks at you. She loves to play and be loved.. Daisy has passed her OFA exams as well as being tested for 240 genetic issues!
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